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spy hopping orca

You will arrive in Tromso and be taken to Sommarøy , where you will stay for the next week on your photographic adventure.
The whales are in feeding on the huge amounts of herring in the fjords. At nights, when the aurora is dancing, there are many prime spots around our area to shoot from, weather permitting. Your transportation is taken care of . If we have a day where the seas are too rough, we do landscape.


During your week in Sommarøy , it is possible to see the following, if the weather and nature permits:

  • Orca, Humpback and Finn Whale
  • Northern Light (Aurora)
  • Eagles
  • Moose
  • Reindeer
  • Mountains that plunge into the sea
  • Small fishing villages
  • Amazing fjord

humpback lunge feeding


Sommarøy is the perfect place to stay if you wish to see Northern Lights and Whales. You are living on the dock, so departure for sea is only some meters.


northern lights

The cabin has 5 double bedrooms and can have a total of 10 persons, though we only take 6 guests, so plenty of room


The difference is, we only take 6 people so you have more room on the boat, (the boat holds 12), to give you comfort and the ability to move around. The boat has seats as pictured below and sometimes the journey out and back can be a bit bumpy. Therefore, fitness and heath is always a condition before booking. You must be able to throw a leg over the mount seat.


Our educated skippers will teach you about the whales while we are out on safaris. We use large stabile boats. Our open one is a RIB Unlimited 37 foot with a top speed of 50 knots.

Norway has limited light at this time of year, so the colors and glows from pastel to rich, will make one of a kind images for you.

Day program: 

08.00 – 10.00: Breakfast

10.30: Departure for sea (One day land excursion during the week)

14.00: Back to shore (Depending on conditions and light, we stay out as long as possible)

15.00: Lunch

19.30: Dinner

22.00-00.00:This is a perfect place for Aurora and you only need to go out on your porch to see it when displayed. If the aurora forecast is promising we will head out on remote locations chosen by our guide.

This is a photographic tour, not a workshop. I will advise you on equipment to bring and how to pack and what to wear, and I will give you help with the northern lights and whales, but you must know your camera. I can give you settings, but as with the whales, there is a 360 degree view to shoot and the light is different from each angle.

For the northern lights, I will require you have a sturdy tripod and head, plus a fast wide angle lens. (you can rent these). You must know how to work your tripod.


 Clothes and climate:

We can face temperatures up to minus 30 Celsius! (we have had low 20's to high 30s' Fahrenheit ) Therefore you need thermo clothes: I will send links on how to dress.

Good winter boots are critical. Make sure they do not fit tight. They should have a substantial base depth to them since you are often standing on cold ground in one place for long periods. I will send each guest a list of suggestions for clothing, gear, boots etc.


A warm parka: The conventional wisdom of “layering” is not so true when you are just standing around in cold temperatures. Layering is great if your heat output varies frequently as when climbing and hiking. But loft and air are what really insulate against the cold, so a puffy down parka will do the job great with a sweater underneath.

  • Glove liners that can fit inside larger warmer mittens work well.
  • Small chemically activated hand warmers are a big help. You can put them either in the pockets of your down parka, or in the mittens themselves

Photo equipment: 

To shoot in low light areas you need an outstanding high ISO performing camera. I recommend full frame bodies.

For northern light photography you need sensitive lenses. There are several desirable qualities to look for when considering lenses for aurora photography. As a general rule of thumb, you can pick any of the three:

  • Wide Angle
  • Fast (large aperture of F/2.8 or wider)
  • Sharp
  • Minimal vignetting


Please note, We reserve the right to decline your deposit if we feel you aren't able to meet the physical requirements of the trip!

Terms and Conditions for Arctic Adventures are used by us as well. CLICK HERE, TERMS AND CONDITIONS


Price of per person is TBA -

 Rates Include: 

  • Transfer from/to Tromso airport
  • Accommodation in a double or single room at the cabin
  • All Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • 6 days excursions at the ocean to observe whales
  • On days not permitted for the ocean, we go for landscape
  • 1 day landscape tour
  • Survival suits are provided for all sea excursions.
  • Photographic help


Not covered in the pricing

  • Your airfare to Tromso
  • Drinks with your meals
  • Tips for guides
  • Travel insurance

A tripod is absolutely essential for northern lights photography. A tall tripod will be more comfortable, as you will be aiming the camera up towards the sky. Squatting under a short tripod cranking your neck can become very uncomfortable, very fast. You must know how to use your tripod.



Weather conditions in the Arctic can be difficult to predict at the best of times. We can therefore not guarantee the main plan, but there will always be amazing sights and other things to do.


Whale safari Senja Norway - YouTube






Itinerary for Sommarøy TBA



down arrow Sommarøy Itinerary

Arrive in Tromso via Oslo and be taken to your apt in Sommarøy .
, --breakfast, then out to the boat as long as the light allows. Back for lunch. If conditions are good, northern lights at night.

- same schedule as before. Breakfast, boat, lunch, dinner, lights.

: --Breakfast, boat and whales, if weather permits, aurora.
- Go out on the boat for whales after breakfast. Stay until the light is gone. Try for aurora after dinner.
- same schedule as before if weather allows.
- schedule will be updated after breakfast.
- if weather allows, possibly one more outing with the whales before departing back to Tromso to catch you plane home.



Please check your ego and your attitude at the gate before take off to tours. You can reclaim your baggage upon returning home, if you wish.

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