There are 2 tours!

June 27th -29th 2017 (FULL)

and 30th -July 2nd 2017 (FULL)

NOW OFFERING NIGHT TIME SHOOTS INSIDE UPPER SLOT CANYON!! For a limited time only! We only take 6 people!

Please note, this tour and not a workshop!

Exclusive permit to shoot in Upper Antelope Slot Canyon, (weather permitting) . Both outside and inside shots. A tripod and good camera body that can handle high ISO's and long exposures is a must! I will advise on gear. You will need to know how to use your camera. We provide settings but you will need to focus manually, understand how to set your camera up with the settings that are given.

For 2 mornings, we will make our way down to Canyon X for the beam of light that comes mid day. The first morning, you will get advice and settings on how to shoot the canyon before the beam comes. You will have plenty of time practicing on the different light that hits the walls and changes colors. The beam moves through quickly and you will be changing positions often. This is offered only twice in late June as that is the only time the beam is there. We have arranged for the slot to be private for the time the beam is there.

PLEASE NOTE!! YOU MUST BE FIT ENOUGH TO CLIMB DOWN TO CANYON X AND BACK UP! No lunch is provided so you will bring your own.





The next afternoon will be spent at Alstrom Point all the way through sundown. The views and light there, as the sun goes down are incredible.

The road out to Alstrom has some of the most diverse desert landscape, and we will be stopping and photographing on the way out to the point .

This also depends on weather conditions, if it rains, the road is red clay and becomes impassible. If this happens, we have other places to take you to photograph. Just be flexible.

This is an extreme 4 wheel drive road. We have 2 vehicles to take you back to the point. Which means you bring your gear with you. We only take 6 people so there will be 3 in jeep/truck.



There are a number of places to visit during the day and afternoon before the night shoot. The Fins or the Swirls, are possibilities. Lots of desert textures, sweeping sandstone hills and formations abound there.

These locations require good hiking boots and the ability to walk, climb and carry your gear.

A view of the Fins

If the weather stays dry, the last day we will head down Cottonwood Canyon road, which contains very diverse scenery as well. You will start of with red sandstone formations.

And keep driving till we get to Grosvenor Arch,a unique sandstone double arch located within Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument .

All tour guests arrive into Page, AZ the by the evening the day before the start of the tour. Please have snacks with you. As there will not be a proper lunch while on tour. You can bring your own. We will have early dinners before shooting the night shots. We may be out long hours during the night and be back in the wee hours of the morning

We will be transported to the canyons and textures by a guide and my self . Our guide holds the permits to the canyons that are not open to the public.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE NOTE....This Tour is designed for intermediate and above photographers only. We will help you with settings, but you must have some knowledge of your camera.

This cost covers your Navajo permits, your guide and myself, transportation to and from the shooting points and our help. It does not cover your lodging or travel up to the starting point. You will need and use a tripod, please understand how to operate one before hand. You will need a backpack for your equipment, and good hiking shoes.

Slot Canyon/Desert Textures TOUR PRICES

Cost will be $845.00 for 3days and 2 nights of shooting.

Price includes

  • 3 days of guided tours.
  • 2 night shoots
  • Transportation to and from the hotel to the canyons, night shoots and Alstrom Point
  • Permits into the canyon for night photography and the lighting.
  • Camera settings/exposures/etc
  • Navajo permits and entrance fees to all lands

Not covered in the pricing

  • Hotel stay in Page.
  • Travel to and from Page.
  • Meals


Click the Terms and Conditions for deposit and payments.





Itinerary for Desert Landscapes June 2017

down arrow Desert Itinerary


June 26th -You will arrive sometime in the afternoon to Page, AZ. Transportation and hotels are not included in the price. We will meet up with you for dinner and plan the next day

June 27th--We head off to Canyon X at 8 am. We will spend the morning photographing the upper and lower portions of this canyon. The beam is mid day . We will have lunch ( not included) then we will head out to the wavy Fins or destination for some of the most spectacular desert lighting for sundown! NEWLY ADDED!! NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY IN UPPER SLOT!! 10:30 PM meet up shoot slot from 11:00 PM to 1 am
June 28TH- We head off to Canyon X at 9:45 am. We will spend the morning photographing the upper and lower portions of this canyon. The beam is mid day . We will head back up at 1:30 PM, you will have time for quick lunch. At 4pm we start driving toward Alstrom Point. Stay and shoot sundown
June 29th

10am leaving Page to spend the day photographing along Cottonwood Canyon Road and Johnson Canyon Road including sunset. After sunset drive Back to Page.

June 30th through July 1st is the same except, do not book the night of July 2nd in Page, as we will most likely stay in Kenab after photographing down that way.



Please check your ego and your attitude at the gate before take off to tours. You can reclaim your baggage upon returning home, if you wish.

Shayne McGuire

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